This page in designed to list items that will help teachers with improving reading skills

Audacity this is a free site to download. It will allow your students to record their reading and then listen to themselves checking for fluency, phrasing, and speed.

The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Readability Score analyzes and rates text on a U.S. grade-school level based on the average number of syllables per word and words per sentence.

Reading Center
word lists and high frequency word lists

Leveling Books

Benchmark Targetsa PDF grid complied to help monitor progress through reading proficiency
Leveled book database searchable by various criteria from Beaverton School District

Leveled Book List search by author's name or title
List of Leveled Reading A-Z get a brief overview of the book as you scroll over the title too

BookmatchBOOKMATCH is a tool to help readers choose just right books. . . also has a video to explain the steps of bookmatch

Setting up Classroom Libraries
What an Effective Classroom Library looks like from Scholastic
Classroom Library hints from Mrs. Levin's website
Classroom set up tool
from Scholastic -- virtual layout tool allows you to design a customized effective classroom

Lesson Plans and Handouts
Teaching Tips and Comprehension Strategies KWL charts, story maps, word maps, and story pyramids.
Free Elementary Reading Worksheets variety of topics -- printable

Assessment Tools a large variety of assessment forms created by a variety of teachers to print

Anchor Charts

Features of Anchor Charts how to construct Anchor Charts
Anchor Charts examples of completed Anchor Charts
Anchor Charts and Word Walls
more examples of Anchor Charts

Literature Circles

Literature Circles Resourcesfrom the College of Education Seattle University a variety of literature circle resources
Literature Discussion Video on the index of the page go to number 4 and scroll down the page to the video -- you will see a teacher and class participating in a literature discussion

Reader's Theater

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays stories to have your class read and enjoy in play form
Reader's Theater Titles scroll down the page to get to the list of titles

Graphic Organizers
Education Place Graphic Organizers
Graphic organizers to help in problem solving, decision making, studying, planning researching and brainstorming
Read Write Think Graphic Organizers enter information and then click on bottom items
Enchanted Learning Graphic Organizers variety of different forms of graphic organizers

Reader's Workshop

Reader's Strategies what good readers do -- from Charter Oak Academy of Global Studies
Reader's Workshop ideas for mini-lessons, some printable handouts, etc.